Recycle Day

Saturday, November 5th

Center School PTO and McCarthy Middle School PTO are partnering to help local families get rid of junk items that are not easily disposed of in the trash (appliances, furniture, lawn equipment, grills (no propane!), TVs, etc).

A great way to support our schools-- just drive through, donate a small fee and the PTOs will take your junk!

What happens to the stuff I donte?
We work with a professional recycling company that specializes in this type of large scale disposal. They haul away the collected items, which are then disassembled so recycleable components can be removed (including plastic casings, metals, leaded and non leaded glass, circuit boards, power supplies, etc.). Anything that is not able to be recycled or resold is then responsibly disposed of as garbage. The company dictates to us the type of items that we can accept at the event (hence no wood or trash), so that as much of the material as possible is "recovered" for reuse/resale. Our hope is to continue to work with the company and other local recycling groups to increase the kinds of items we can collect for responsible disposal at our (or sister) events.